October 1, 2014


Summer 2014

Growing Stronger Together

Cover: Hank Summer 2014
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Thanks to Labor Management Partnership, Kaiser Permanente is able to take a joint approach to winning and keeping health plan members—something unheard of elsewhere in the country. Including Real Commitment, Real Results and The Proof? More Members.


Infographic: How the LMP Growth Campaign Works


Value Added

Through the Union Ambassador program, frontline employees work alongside sales account managers, sharing their stories of care and service directly with potential members.


Q&A With Dave Regan: Why Growth Is a Union Issue

Dave Regan, president of SEIU-UHW, on why union members and leaders would want to help their employer’s business grow.


Keys to Growth

How to empower unit-based teams.  


Connecting With the Kids

Members of OPEIU Local 29 create lasting goodwill as they fan out to community events and make it easier for parents to get their children signed up with Kaiser Permanente.


Puzzles and Games

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