October 5, 2015


Summer 2015

This Plan Was Made for You and Me

There is no health plan in the country with more positive relationship with working people and the organizations that represent them than Kaiser Permanente. As KP celebrates 70 years of being a public health plan, learn about the organization's rich history and that of its unions.



Free to Speak
Bernard Tyson, KP chairman and CEO, on how unions help create KP's culture of openness.

It Took Courage
Pete diCicco, the founding executive director of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, recalls the critical decision that led to the creation of the Labor Management Partnership.

The Turning Point: July 21, 1945
Henrietta, Hank's resident columnist, on the bold move Henry J. Kaiser made when he opened the health plan to the public.

Around the Regions
When did your region become part of Kaiser Permanente? Take a look at how the organization expanded.


Generations of Caregivers and Union Activists

Good employers have loyal employees--and it's not uncommon to find KP workers who are third or fourth generation of their family to work here. Many of them are also loyal, vocal union members. Read some of their stories:


Roots Forged in Steel

KP's first facility in Southern California was built to care for Kaiser steelworkers--and some employees' families have been working in Fontana just about ever since.


Union Sisters, Speaking Up and Speaking Out

With more than 100 years of KP and labor movement  experience, the King family members in the Mid-Atlantic States carry on a tradition of using their voices for others.


Three Generations of Activists

Mother and daughter are both KP employees and SEIU Local 49 members in the Northwest—will the next generation follow in their footsteps?


A Colorado Family With a Web of Workplace Ties

A nurse, a physician’s assistant, an ergonomics consultant and three more all have been proud KP employees.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

KP helped Isabelle Serapion in Hawaii become a nurse—and her daughter followed in her footsteps.


Mom and Son Find Opportunities to Learn, Grow at KP

He’s on a new career track now in Georgia; she’s moved on, but still uses partnership ideas.


When You’re Still a Whippersnapper After 15 Years of Service

The advantages of working for KP have made several members of this Northern California family long-term employees.


Four Women, Two Unions and One KP

More than five decades after her great-grandmother worked for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, Danielle Layton is an advocate for partnership and UBTs.


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