December 18, 2014

Unit-Based Team Member
Course Title

Unit-Based Team Member

Course Duration

4 modules, 1 hour each

Path to Performance

Level 1

Course Description

This course is designed to help frontline staff understand their role in a unit-based team.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for labor participants only. Job categories who should attend are labor (unit-based team members not part of the representative group).

Course Requirements

Labor Management Partnership Orientation (LMPO)

Course Outline and Objectives

Module 1: Unions 101
  • Explain what unions do for us and how they work
  • Identify key events that happened in the history of partnership
Module 2: Transforming KP to be the Future of Health Care
  • Describe how everyone at KP can think and work to be more effective
  • Define the economic and political challenges we face
Module 3: Roles and Responsibilities of Unit-Based Team Members
  • Discuss the ways members participate in a unit-based team
  • How do unit-based teams work with contract issues
  • Describe the components of effective communication
Module 4: Maintaining Good Internal and External Processes
  • Identify ways to keep the team members engaged and involved in the work of the team
  • Describe the key elements required for maintaining good internal and external meeting processes
  • Work through scenarios to manage conflicts that may arise during unit-based team work
Learning Outcomes

(knowledge, skills, attitudes)

  • Understanding your roles as a union partnership member
  • Knowledge of how to engage and be heard within your team
  • Application of effective meeting behaviors that will enhance performance outcomes
  • Practiced using tools to reach consensus and solve issues