January 29, 2015

Unit-Based Team Member
Course title

Unit-Based Team Member

Course duration

Four modules, approximately one hour each

Path to Performance

Level 1

Course description

This course is designed to help frontline staff understand their role in a unit-based team

Who should attend

This course is intended for frontline staff who are represented by a union in the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions

Course requirements

Labor Management Partnership Orientation (LMPO)

Course outline and objectives

Module 1: Introduction to UBTs
  • Introduces participants to the definition of a UBT and to the key players on a UBT
  • Understanding the role of representative team members vs. unit-based team members
Module 2: Unions 101
  • Understanding union history within KP and how the partnership came about
  • Describes how unions operate within a partnership culture
  • Understanding how labor representatives function as equal partners with management
  • Awareness of issues that are in and out of scope of a UBT
Module 3: Foundational tools
  • Provides an overview of our foundational tools for effective partnering, including the Value Compass and consensus decision-making.
  • Understanding of how and why UBTs help KP's competitive advantage
  • Provides clarity about what high-performing teams are and how they function
Module 4: Process improvement
  • Use of scenarios that allow participants to learn how to actively engage in process improvement using the Rapid Improvement Model (RIM)
  • Identify ways to keep team members engaged and involved in the work of the team
  • Participants review ways to effectively communicate to all team members
Learning Outcomes

(knowledge, skills, attitudes)

  • Understanding your roles as a union partnership member
  • Knowledge of how to engage and be heard within your team
  • Application of effective meeting behaviors that will enhance performance outcomes
  • Practice using performance improvement tools

Contact us

For information on this course or to request a training for trainers, contact LMPlearn@kp.org.


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