December 17, 2014

Consensus Decision Making Web Training for MDs
Course title

Consensus Decision Making Web-Based Training for Physicians

Course duration

30 Minutes

Path to Performance

Levels 1, 2

Course description

How to use consensus decision making in the partnership and unit-based team environment and what are the critical elements in a consensus decision.

Who should attend

This course is intended for participants who either need to get a basic understanding of consensus in a short period of time or need to refresh themselves on how the consensus decision-making process works. Job categories who can take this class are physician members of a unit-based team.

Course requirements
  • Labor Management Partnership Orientation (LMPO)
  • This should not be your only exposure to learning consensus decision making

Course Outline and Objectives

decision making

Define a consensus decision

Spirit of consensus

Describe what it means to reach consensus

Consensus guidelines

Understand the guidelines to conduct consensus effectively

Test for consensus

Utilize the three questions that need to be answered to be in consensus


Apply guidelines to resolve standout situations

Learning outcomes
(knowledge, skills, attitudes)
  • Utilize the three questions for consensus testing
  • Positively encourage standouts and help them apply the guidelines for a standout
  • Reaching consensus is not a sign of weakness for any of the parties