February 9, 2016

Peer Advice

Helping Teams Understand Their Value

01/28/2016 A union partnership representative offers advice on how to help members of unit-based teams realize their power to make decisions and improvements. [ STORY ]

Why Partnership Is Good for Managers

10/17/2014 A top manager explains how working in partnership makes his job easier. [ STORY ]

Peer Advice: Imagining Care Anywhere

04/02/2014 Dan Weberg, director of nursing innovation at the Garfield Innovation Center, talks about how emerging technology might change the way we do our work. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Peer Advice: Fear, Technology and Reality

04/02/2014 Sheryl Miller, a licensed practical nurse and member of SEIU Local 49, discusses the challenge of integrating electronics into our everyday work. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Peer Advice: One Lesson at a Time

04/02/2014 Marcella Austin,an employee at the Ontario Medical Center, works her way up from medical assistant to LVN with a little help from her employer, her college and her community. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Moving Teams to High Performance: Words From a Sponsor

03/25/2014 A sponsor's role is to remove the noise and chaos around UBTs, says Denise Johnson, continuum administrator at the San Jose Medical Center. In this Q&A, Johnson discusses how she supports her teams on the path to becoming high performing. [ STORY ]

UBT Sponsors Work the Wow Factor

02/24/2014 In this era of health care reform, Medical Group Administrator Deborah Royalty stresses the critical role of unit-based teams and their sponsors in Kaiser Permanente's success. [ STORY ]

How to Help a Good Idea Take Off

02/05/2014 Top leaders at medical centers can--and should--prioritize workplace wellness and Instant Recess. Here's how one is doing it. [ STORY ]

Learning to Lead: A Grandmother's Example

07/22/2013 Jaki Bradley, a nurse practitioner in the Mid-Atlantic States region, spoke at the 2013 Union Delegates Conference about the inspiration her grandmother provided that shaped her as a leader. Watch this short video that captures the highlights of her comments. [ VIDEO ]

Getting Personal About Workplace Safety

06/17/2013 Riverside Executive Director Vita Willett takes safety personally. She talks about how engaged leadership by managers, physicians and frontline union leaders gets results on workplace safety. [ STORY ]


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