February 8, 2016

Health care news

Taking the Pledge to Change Health Care

03/24/2015 Kaiser Permanente is taking part in USA Change Day, mobilizing employees, physicians and managers to take an online pledge to make one change to improve health care. [ STORY ]

Frontline Employees Get Intensive Ebola Preparation

11/10/2014 Hundreds of frontline health care workers get detailed training and education about how to deal with patients who might have Ebola. [ STORY ]

The Future Is Now

08/05/2013 How health care reform will affect Kaiser Permanente is unclear—-but every UBT can be getting ready for what’s coming. Learn about the types of projects that teams are working on that will better position KP for some major upcoming pieces of the Affordable Healthcare Act. From the Summer 2013 Hank. [ STORY ]

Health Care Reform Glossary

08/05/2013 Without understanding the basics, it’s hard to explain how things work. Here are some key terms to know as you navigate the world of health care reform. [ STORY ]

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care Reform

08/05/2013 Be prepared to answer questions about health care reform from your colleages, family and KP members and patients. This FAQ is from the Summer 2013 issue of Hank. [ STORY ]


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