December 20, 2014

Transforming KP

Find Your Unexpected Leader

11/19/2014 In these short videos, you'll hear from three unexpected leaders--each of them a nurse who was chosen or decided somewhat reluctantly to step up and guide their Kaiser Permanente co-workers and team members through a transition or improvement. The outcomes surprised all three. [ VIDEO ]

Why Partnership Is Good for Managers

10/17/2014 A top manager explains how working in partnership makes his job easier. [ STORY ]

Giving Patients a Voice

10/03/2014 Unit-based teams bring the voice of frontline workers, managers and physicians to improving health care at Kaiser Permanente. Some UBTs go one step further and include the patient voice. Find out how they do it. [ STORY ]

Why Invest Time and Energy in LMP?

09/23/2014 Hawaii Nurses Association leader says partnership creates a pathway to union engagement. [ STORY ]

A New Way: Highlights

09/11/2014 This is a shorter version of "A New Way," focusing on how unit-based teams are helping Kaiser Permanente deliver the highest quality care and best service at an affordable price--while also making it the best place to work. [ VIDEO 10:42 ]