September 21, 2014

Transforming KP

A New Way: Highlights

09/11/2014 This is a shorter version of "A New Way," focusing on how unit-based teams are helping Kaiser Permanente deliver the highest quality care and best service at an affordable price--while also making it the best place to work. [ VIDEO 10:42 ]

Going From 4 to 1 Shoots Team Up to 5

09/09/2014 For San Jose Medical Center’s inpatient pharmacy, the road to becoming a high-performing team first required a step—actually a jump—backward. [ STORY ]

How to Climb the Path to High Performance

09/08/2014 Unit-based teams that reach the top levels of the Path to Performance get better results for KP members, patients--and workers. This team reveals how they got to high performance and stay there. [ STORY ]

Getting to High Performance: A Virtual UBT Fair

08/21/2014 Listen to the Sept. 9 virtual UBT fair on getting to high performance and download the presentations. [ STORY ]

Communication Drives Success

08/19/2014 Courier drivers in the Northwest improve communication and morale after going through an Issue Resolution--and move forward on revamping routes for greater efficiency. [ STORY ]