November 30, 2015

Transforming KP

Portraits in Partnership: A union worker's point of view

07/28/2015 This video shows what it's like to work in partnership at Kaiser Permanente from a union worker's point of view. [ VIDEO 2:30 ]

President Obama Praises Labor Management Partnership

Check out this video excerpt from the Oct. 7, 2015, workers’ voice summit at the White House to hear Obama’s praise for KP and the Labor Management Partnership. [ VIDEO :29 ]

Outside Eye Helps Team Do an About-Face

10/06/2015 Culture can be a thorny issue for teams. Improving it—and paving the way for high performance—often requires some expert assistance. [ STORY ]

Lead From Where You Stand

10/06/2015 To reach high performance, teams need to make sense of their data. And Union Partnership Representative Ed Vrooman does that deftly. [ STORY ]

From the Desk of Henrietta: Put Me In, Coach

10/06/2015 Every unit-based team could use some coaching. That's where UBT consultants and union partnership representatives come in. [ STORY ]

Speak Up, Speak Out

10/06/2015 Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson on the importance of a "free to speak" culture at work. [ VIDEO :40 ]

Labor Day, LMP Style

09/01/2015 LMP tri-chairs send Labor Day greetings to the KP workforce and illustrate how partnership fulfills the true spirit of the holiday by amplifying the voice of the worker. [ STORY ]


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