July 7, 2015

Transforming KP

Giving Patients a Voice

03/17/2015 In this video, the Downey neo-natal intensive care unit shows how its incorporating the patient voice in it's performance improvement efforts. [ VIDEO 3:28 ]

Bargaining Team Takes On Operations, Service

05/14/2015 How to take KP operations, unit-based teams and the Labor Management Partnership to the next level? A joint bargaining team suggests answers. [ STORY ]

The Three Cs to Success

05/01/2015 Consistency, communication and collaboration were the secret to eliminating two common hospital-acquired infections to sustaining that result for four years. Its work has earned the ICU in Woodland Hills a prestigious award. [ STORY ]

Speak Up and #transformKP

04/08/2015 Highlights of the 2015 Union Delegate Conference in pictures. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Invent Our Future

03/25/2015 The nature of medicine today is that everybody has to be thinking and innovating. "Invent Our Future" shows some of the ways in which union workers, managers and physicians are helping Kaiser Permanente stay at the top of the game. [ VIDEO 4:28 ]

Steal Shamelessly

03/24/2015 Want to save time and money? Be willing to borrow successful practices from others. From the Spring 2015 Hank. [ STORY ]