November 24, 2015

Workplace safety

A Colorado Family With a Web of Workplace Ties

07/20/2015 A nurse, a physician’s assistant, an ergonomics consultant and three more family members have all been proud KP employees in Colorado. [ STORY-SLIDESHOW ]

The Value of a Healthy, Happy Workforce

04/30/2015 Finding ways to help Kaiser Permanente employees enjoy long, healthy, productive lives is the mission of the Total Health and Workplace Safety subgroup at national bargaining. [ STORY ]

Kaiser and Coalition Unions Reach Agreement on Ebola

01/28/2015 Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions reached a formal agreement in December that ensures the safety and compensation of KP employees involved in caring for patients with the Ebola virus. [ STORY ]

Frontline Employees Get Intensive Ebola Preparation

11/10/2014 Hundreds of frontline health care workers get detailed training and education about how to deal with patients who might have Ebola. [ STORY ]

Making the Point About Needle Safety

10/17/2014 Injuries from needle sticks fell dramatically after a group of nurses ensured their peers had the right supplies and peer training. Now there's a nurse voice on the committee that buys needles for KP. [ STORY ]

Safety on a Silver Platter

08/19/2014 Task standardization and a crystal-clear message from top leadership is reducing injuries at one Southern California medical center. [ STORY ]

Talking About Safety Reduces Injuries

06/17/2014 Wheatridge Medical Office makes awareness about workplace safety a priority and reduces injuries on the job. [ STORY ]

Northwest Team Spreads Success, Boosts Safety

05/19/2014 A unified approach to workplace safety, and a competitive challenge, pays off in the Northwest. [ STORY ]

Creating an Injury-Free Workplace

04/29/2014 An EVS manager recognized for his workplace safety results talks about keys to building a culture of safety. [ STORY ]


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