April 19, 2014

Healthy workforce

UBT Needles Colleagues to Flu Shot Success

03/11/2014 When employees couldn’t get to the shots, the team saw to it that the shots came to them. [ STORY ]

Health Is a Team Sport

02/21/2014 These three videos highlight staff members and teams at Kaiser Permanente who are making getting healthy a priority. [ VIDEO ]

An Incentive to Be Your Healthy Best

02/06/2014 Kaiser Permanente’s groundbreaking Total Health Incentive Plan took effect across the organization on Jan. 1. Learn how it works--and how Hawaii got off to a quick start. [ STORY ]

How to Help a Good Idea Take Off

02/05/2014 Top leaders at medical centers can--and should--prioritize workplace wellness and Instant Recess. Here's how one is doing it. [ STORY ]

A Fresh Approach to Cafeteria Cooking

11/19/2013 Todd Engel, the first executive chef at the Fontana and Ontario medical centers, has worked in the culinary field for 23 years and is among a growing number of trained chefs bringing greater flair and a deep knowledge of food and health to the hospital setting. [ SLIDESHOW ]