November 24, 2014

Best place to work

Proud to Be Kaiser Permanente

09/30/2014 Kaiser Permanente is widely recognized as a a leader in diversity, quality care, community service, technology and innovation--and as a great place to work. This video showcases some of the accolades we have received--and many of the reasons we are proud to be KP. [ VIDEO 5:17 ]

Why Partnership Is Good for Managers

10/17/2014 A top manager explains how working in partnership makes his job easier. [ STORY ]

Love for Total Health

05/20/2014 From pulse-thumping hula hooping to heart-healthy valentines, employees across Kaiser Permanente have been celebrating and promoting Total Health with an array of launch events and wellness activities. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Nurses Do It All

05/06/2014 RNs and LVNs keep Kaiser Permanente going. Members depend on them. So do physicians, technologists, support staff and managers. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Peer Advice: One Lesson at a Time

04/02/2014 Marcella Austin,an employee at the Ontario Medical Center, works her way up from medical assistant to LVN with a little help from her employer, her college and her community. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]