March 28, 2015

Best place to work

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente

01/28/2015 In this short video, Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson welcomes new employees and encourages them to use their voices, speak up and make a difference. [ VIDEO 3:03 ]

What's the Deal With Bargaining?

01/02/2015 A look at how an interest-based approach to bargaining is radically different from the traditional--and why it's worth the effort. [ STORY ]

Proud to Be Kaiser Permanente

09/30/2014 Kaiser Permanente is widely recognized as a a leader in diversity, quality care, community service, technology and innovation--and as a great place to work. This video showcases some of the accolades we have received--and many of the reasons we are proud to be KP. [ VIDEO 5:17 ]

Why Partnership Is Good for Managers

10/17/2014 A top manager explains how working in partnership makes his job easier. [ STORY ]