April 20, 2014

Best place to work

Peer Advice: One Lesson at a Time

04/02/2014 Marcella Austin,an employee at the Ontario Medical Center, works her way up from medical assistant to LVN with a little help from her employer, her college and her community. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Colorado Couriers Steer Away From Outsourcing

03/11/2014 When the Couriers UBT took a look at the work it was outsourcing, the team discovered it could hire another employee, improve its routes, reduce its use of outside contractors and still save money. [ SLIDESHOW ]

How to Sustain Change: Advice From an Innovation Expert

01/22/2014 Unit-based teams are getting measurable results for KP members and patients. But to have real impact, teams need to sustain success. Here's how. [ STORY ]

Working Her Way Up

12/03/2013 Trying to get an education while working full-time is not easy, even for someone as ambitious as Donna Fraser. That’s why the LMP’s Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust was created, to bring value and support for lifelong learning to union coalition-represented employees. [ STORY ]

When In Doubt, Train Up

08/05/2013 The best way to respond to changes in health care and take charge of your own career is to sharpen your skills. Here's how to get started. [ STORY ]

The Picture of Health: KP's 2012 Annual Report

07/29/2013 The online 2012 Annual Report features KP’s long tradition of working to improve the health of our members. Many of these accomplishments were brought about by frontline teams—especially by unit-based teams. Take a look. [ STORY ]

Materials Management UBT Goes Injury Free for More Than Two Years

05/14/2013 Sacramento Materials Management has not had an injury since October 2010, which team members attribute to stretching and talking about safety during their daily huddles. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Keeping the Workplace Injury Free, One Touch at a Time

03/27/2013 The Fremont Supply Chain department has been injury free for nearly two years thanks, in large part to partnership-fueled safety improvements. [ STORY ]