April 18, 2014


How to Zoom From Level 1 to Level 4

03/25/2014 How did one UBT in Georgia zoom from Level 1 to Level 4 in just 10 months? Get some strategic tips on moving up the Path to Performance quickly and building a strong team. [ STORY ]

How to Involve Patients in Performance Improvement

03/11/2014 Listen to a one-hour talk show style webinar on how UBTs are involving patients in their performance improvement work and how your team can, too. [ STORY ]

Adopting an “Ever Better” Attitude

01/14/2014 The team on the 2-South Med-Surg unit at Sunnyside Hospital shines. Patient satisfaction scores have climbed over time as a result of numerous tests of change. Watch this short video to find out how a once-troubled department turned its culture around to sustain high performance. [ VIDEO 2:59 ]

Shepherding Lost ID Cards Home

01/06/2014 A membership administration team in the Mid-Atlantic States finds a way to shepherd lost ID cards home, improving service and saving tens of thousands of dollars. From the Winter 2014 issue of Hank. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Educating Employees About Health Care Reform

11/19/2013 Managers in Northern California have helped their teams learn more about the Affordable Care Act--and in the process have learned to be better managers and teachers. [ STORY ]