February 11, 2016


When the Game Changes, Change the Game

02/08/2016 This short video shows how a unit-based team at Kaiser Permanente's Capitol Hill Medical Center in Washington D.C. is helping its department adjust to a big jump in membership--and improving patient care at the same time. [ VIDEO 3:15 ]

A Matter-of-Fact Approach to Gender Issues

01/04/2016 By adding one short question to an intake questionnaire, this team takes a bold step toward inclusion for transgender, gender-questioning and gender-nonconforming teens. [ STORY ]

A Mirror for Members

01/04/2016 Unit-based teams are harnessing the power of language and culture to better serve Kaiser Permanente's diverse membership. [ STORY ]

Creating a Safety Net for Sickle Cell Patients

01/04/2016 A team approach provides individuals with multiple resources, helping them live full lives and manage sickle cell disease, which disproportionately affects African-Americans. [ STORY ]

The Difference Diversity Makes

01/04/2016 Unit-based teams are all about respecting diversity. That makes them the ideal environment to improve care and service for our diverse membership. [ STORY ]

Around the Regions (Winter 2016)

01/04/2016 Newsy bits from every Kaiser Permanente region. [ STORY ]

Outside Eye Helps Team Do an About-Face

10/06/2015 Culture can be a thorny issue for teams. Improving it—and paving the way for high performance—often requires some expert assistance. [ STORY ]

How a Flu Shot Can Help Catch Cancer

09/18/2015 Don’t be surprised to have your medical record checked when you walk in for a flu shot at Lakewood Medical Office in Denver, Colorado. Medical Imagining and the Flu Clinic teams worked together to identify patients who needed a mammogram. [ VIDEO 4:28 ]


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