February 8, 2016

Unit-based teams

Outside Eye Helps Team Do an About-Face

10/06/2015 Culture can be a thorny issue for teams. Improving it—and paving the way for high performance—often requires some expert assistance. [ STORY ]

From the Desk of Henrietta: Put Me In, Coach

10/06/2015 Every unit-based team could use some coaching. That's where UBT consultants and union partnership representatives come in. [ STORY ]

Coming In From the Cold

10/27/2015 A Largo, Maryland, team works together to drastically reduce outside deliveries of surgical instruments, furniture and other items. [ VIDEO 1:35 ]

An RX for Efficiency

09/28/2015 Southern California's Central Refill Pharmacy UBT finds a creative – and affordable – way to reduce a backlog of prescription orders. [ VIDEO 1:42 ]

How to Succeed at Kaiser Permanente, and in Life

Second-generation KP employee Eric Ruperto takes his activist mother's sage advice. [ STORY-SLIDESHOW ]

How a Flu Shot Can Help Catch Cancer

09/18/2015 Don’t be surprised to have your medical record checked when you walk in for a flu shot at Lakewood Medical Office in Denver, Colorado. Medical Imagining and the Flu Clinic teams worked together to identify patients who needed a mammogram. [ VIDEO 4:28 ]


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