October 4, 2015

Unit-based teams

An RX for Efficiency

09/28/2015 Southern California's Central Refill Pharmacy UBT finds a creative – and affordable – way to reduce a backlog of prescription orders. [ VIDEO 1:42 ]

How a Flu Shot Can Help Catch Cancer

09/18/2015 Don’t be surprised to have your medical record checked when you walk in for a flu shot at Lakewood Medical Office in Denver, Colorado. Medical Imagining and the Flu Clinic teams worked together to identify patients who needed a mammogram. [ VIDEO 4:28 ]

Labor Day, LMP Style

09/01/2015 LMP tri-chairs send Labor Day greetings to the KP workforce and illustrate how partnership fulfills the true spirit of the holiday by amplifying the voice of the worker. [ STORY ]

Four Women, Two Unions and One KP

07/20/2015 More than five decades after her great-grandmother worked for Kaiser Permanente, Danielle Layton is an advocate for partnership and UBTs. Among her KP colleagues and mentors are her grandmother and great-aunt. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Virtual UBT Fair: Spreading a Safety Success

04/20/2015 Listen to members of unit-based teams in Georgia describe at a virtual UBT fair how they are saving lives and winning awards by, using a successful practice borrowed from Southern California, ensuring that patients with abnormal test results get the care they need. [ STORY ]

Preparing Managers for Partnership Online

Course title

Preparing Managers for Partnership Online

Course duration

60 minutes (approx.)

Path to Performance

Level 1

Course description

This web-based course prepares managers to work effectively in Kaiser Permanente’s Labor Management Partnership (LMP). Audio narration guides the learner through the manager’s role in a unit-based team, working well with union stewards and using partnership tools, such as Consensus Decision-Making, Interest-Based Problem Solving and the Rapid Improvement Model. Scenarios provide real-world examples of best management practices. A variety of interactive exercises keep the learning experience relevant and engaging.

Who should attend

The course is recommended for new managers within the first 90 days in their new position at Kaiser Permanente.

Course requirements

  • Labor Management Partnership Orientation Online

Course outline and objectives

Managing in partnership
  • Review the importance of partnership, how it helps KP achieve its mission, and the manager’s leadership role
  • Distinguish between more traditional manager behaviors and the behaviors that best support leading in partnership
  • Identify the key features of federal labor laws that guide managers as they lead in partnership
The manager’s role in a UBT
  • Describe unit-based teams and the various roles of working in partnership, including the manager as a unit-based team co-lead
  • Distinguish between activities that are in scope for a UBT and those that are out of scope
  • Identify the steward’s role in the UBT and effective ways to work together
Tools for managing in Partnership
  • Describe the main tools for managing in partnership and the purpose of each tool
  • Given a scenario that presents a leadership challenge, identify the manager’s best approach to achieve a satisfactory resolution
Resources and next steps
  • Describe the role of the labor relations consultant (LRC) and how this person can assist the manager
  • Explore more resources and identify additional training opportunities
  • Develop a short-term personal action plan that includes some or all of the recommended next steps and specific resources and trainings

Learning outcomes

Increase understanding of the following:

  • Partnership principles and their importance
  • Key points in KP’s history that help explain how KP got where it is today
  • Manager’s role in partnership and how that differs from the traditional management role
  • Basics of a unit-based team (UBT) and the manager’s responsibilities as a co-lead for a UBT
  • Work that a UBT performs—what’s in scope and what’s not
  • Perspective of the steward—the traditional role (as an advocate for labor) and the partnership role (as a co-lead in a UBT)
  • Manager’s responsibility with respect to the National Agreement and the union contract
  • National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and how key labor laws provide structure for the partnership
  • Challenges faced by managers and the tools they can use to help resolve conflict
  • Role of the labor relations consultant (LRC) and how the LRC can help managers
  • Resources available to help support managers
  • Value of a personal action plan (short- and long-term) as the next step in the training process

Enrollment information

This course is available to all Kaiser Permanente managers; you must be connected to KP intranet and have an NUID to access this training. Use the link below or visit KP Learn and search on the course ID.

Access this course directly through KP Learn.
(Please use Internet Explorer)

Course ID in KP Learn