September 21, 2014


Going From 4 to 1 Shoots Team Up to 5

09/09/2014 For San Jose Medical Center’s inpatient pharmacy, the road to becoming a high-performing team first required a step—actually a jump—backward. [ STORY ]

Communication Drives Success

08/19/2014 Courier drivers in the Northwest improve communication and morale after going through an Issue Resolution--and move forward on revamping routes for greater efficiency. [ STORY ]

Everyday Stories: A Tool for Social Change

04/08/2014 The Kitchen Sisters, award-winning producers whose work can be heard on National Public Radio, will offer their insights at the 2014 Union Coalition Learning Academy. They show how stories build connections and create empathy--something they say health care workers do naturally with patients. [ STORY ]

Saru Jayaraman: The Vocal Leader of an Invisible Workforce

04/08/2014 Saru Jayaraman,a leader fighting for restaurant workers' rights and dignity, is set to speak at the 2014 Union Coalition Learning Academy. [ STORY ]

From the Desk of Henrietta: O Is for Ostrich

04/02/2014 Henrietta, the resident columnist for the LMP's quarterly magazine Hank, makes an argument for bringing a curious, flexible mindset to work. From the Spring 2014 issue. [ STORY ]

How to Involve Patients in Performance Improvement

03/11/2014 Listen to a one-hour talk show style webinar on how UBTs are involving patients in their performance improvement work and how your team can, too. [ STORY ]

How to Help a Good Idea Take Off

02/05/2014 Top leaders at medical centers can--and should--prioritize workplace wellness and Instant Recess. Here's how one is doing it. [ STORY ]

Adopting an “Ever Better” Attitude

01/14/2014 The team on the 2-South Med-Surg unit at Sunnyside Hospital shines. Patient satisfaction scores have climbed over time as a result of numerous tests of change. Watch this short video to find out how a once-troubled department turned its culture around to sustain high performance. [ VIDEO 2:59 ]

Nowhere to Go but Up

01/14/2014 Some departments glide effortlessly into becoming high-performing teams. Not so for the San Rafael Health Information Management team. [ STORY ]