February 12, 2016

Outpatient service

A Matter-of-Fact Approach to Gender Issues

01/04/2016 By adding one short question to an intake questionnaire, this team takes a bold step toward inclusion for transgender, gender-questioning and gender-nonconforming teens. [ STORY ]

Check-In Sheet Improves Copay Collection—and More

11/10/2015 A team comes up with a simple check-in sheet that not only boosts copay collection but also improves communication and raises patient satisfaction. [ STORY ]

The Best-Laid Plans

10/06/2015 When this team’s good work had a bad side effect, help from an improvement advisor got it back on track. [ STORY ]

Virtual UBT Fair: Spreading a Safety Success

04/20/2015 Listen to members of unit-based teams in Georgia describe at a virtual UBT fair how they are saving lives and winning awards by, using a successful practice borrowed from Southern California, ensuring that patients with abnormal test results get the care they need. [ STORY ]

Doctors Help Reduce Waste, Improve Service

01/30/2015 Physicians in the Cardiovascular UBT at Rock Creek Medical Office near Denver identify pertinent information and eliminate unnecessary work. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Around the Regions (Fall 2014)

10/07/2014 Newsy notes from all of KP's regions. From the Fall 2014 issue of Hank. [ STORY ]

Driver as Receptionist? Why Not?

08/12/2014 Union and management leaders in Kern County break through traditional positions to pioneer innovative health care delivery models and prepare for jobs of the future. [ STORY ]


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