April 24, 2014

Outpatient service

How to Zoom From Level 1 to Level 4

03/25/2014 How did one UBT in Georgia zoom from Level 1 to Level 4 in just 10 months? Get some strategic tips on moving up the Path to Performance quickly and building a strong team. [ STORY ]

Shepherding Lost ID Cards Home

01/06/2014 A membership administration team in the Mid-Atlantic States finds a way to shepherd lost ID cards home, improving service and saving tens of thousands of dollars. From the Winter 2014 issue of Hank. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Speeding Up the Patient Experience in the ED

09/16/2013 The Emergency Department at Sunnyside Medical Center improves service scores and staff morale--after first working on improving the department's work culture. [ STORY ]

Accurately Measuring Team’s Work Improves Morale

09/12/2013 Members of the Electronic Eligibility UBT in Colorado figure out a way to more accurately measure their work. [ STORY ]

‘Golden Ticket’ Reduces Unneeded Tests

09/03/2013 Lab and Oncology collaborate to clarify which standing orders should be completed at each visit, eliminating unneeded tests and improving patient wait times in the lab. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Patients Win After Team Ignores Traditional Hierarchy

06/12/2013 Physicians pitch in to help short-staffed nurses clear the electronic inbox in KP HealthConnect. [ STORY ]

Hitting the Road for Health in Colorado

06/05/2013 Mobile mammography is used in Colorado for facilities who don't provide those services. They detected 12 cases of cancer in 2012 and saw more than 2,500 patients. [ STORY ]