April 1, 2015

Patient safety

Raising a Flag for Patient Safety

03/03/2015 The Georgia region is borrowing effective practices from Southern California, winning awards--and saving lives. [ STORY ]

Creating Patient Safety by Making Sure It’s Safe to Speak Up

03/03/2015 Is it safe to speak up about errors and mistakes at Kaiser Permanente? The answer is mixed, according to the 2014 People Pulse results. [ STORY ]

No One Walks Alone: How San Diego Prevents Patient Falls

11/19/2013 By viewing every patient--not just some--as fall risks, this telemetry UBT successfully piloted a falls-reduction initiative that has drastically decreased falls hospital-wide. [ STORY ]

Timeouts Take Team From Injury Prone to Injury Free

07/22/2013 Management support and collaborating with other departments helps Antioch Imaging Services team create safer working conditions for its X-ray techs and improve the department-wide culture. [ STORY ]