February 12, 2016

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Cost management

Partnership Attitude Brings State-of-Art Test to Members

08/11/2015 Some of our youngest members will benefit from having the new test, which came about after a frontline union member approached a doctor about pairing up to get it approved. [ STORY ]

Doctors Help Reduce Waste, Improve Service

01/30/2015 Physicians in the Cardiovascular UBT at Rock Creek Medical Office near Denver identify pertinent information and eliminate unnecessary work. [ SLIDESHOW ]

'Frontliners' Go Green to Save Money

01/27/2015 Northern California's Claims Administrations team took a hard look at how it how it was storing and destroying documents--and saw an easy way to save a few thousand. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Around the Regions (Winter 2015)

01/02/2015 Newsy notes from all of KP's regions. From the Winter 2015 issue of Hank. [ STORY ]

Communication Drives Success

08/19/2014 Courier drivers in the Northwest improve communication and morale after going through an Issue Resolution--and move forward on revamping routes for greater efficiency. [ STORY ]

Simple Notebook Improves Care

08/19/2014 By taking the time to find out patient preferences, unit assistants help patients keep their critical post-discharge appointments—and help KP avoid tens of thousands of dollars in readmission costs [ SNAPSHOT ]


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