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Learning to Lead: Overcoming Injustice

08/20/2013 Eula Maddox’s early experiences with injustice in the deep South have helped her become the frontline leader that she is today. Watch her story to find out how she found her voice and helps others find theirs. [ VIDEO 2:33 ]

Learning to Lead: A Grandmother's Example

07/22/2013 Jaki Bradley, a nurse practitioner in the Mid-Atlantic States region, spoke at the 2013 Union Delegates Conference about the inspiration her grandmother provided that shaped her as a leader. Watch this short video that captures the highlights of her comments. [ VIDEO ]

Creating a Team Culture to Achieve Results

07/03/2013 Listen to a recording of the June 24, 2013, virtual UBT fair on how to create a team culture to achieve results. [ STORY ]

James K. Galbraith: Fixing the 'Anything Goes' Economy

05/28/2013 Economist James K. Galbraith addressed the 2013 Union Delegates Conference on an important subject: economic inequality and what it means to the future of the country. [ VIDEO ]

Food for Change, Food for Thought

05/05/2013 The second day of the 2013 Union Delegates Conference features keynote speakers Bryant Terry, food activist, chef and author, and economist James Galbraith on the "end of normal." [ STORY ]

'The Past Powers Tomorrow'

05/04/2013 The first day of the 2013 Union Delegates Conference featured three union and management leaders as well as rank-and-file union members weaving their family history in with that of Kaiser Permanente. [ STORY ]

Letter From Leaders: Let's Talk

04/30/2013 In this Letter From Leaders from the 2012 LMP Performance Report, top LMP leaders John August, Dennis Dabney and Jim Pruitt discuss how high performing unit-based teams are impacting Kaiser Permanente's quality and service. [ STORY ]

The $100 Million Savings Plan

04/30/2013 This introduction to the 2012 LMP Performance Report describes how unit-based teams are making Kaiser Permanente more affordable. [ STORY ]

Unit-Based Teams Change the Game

04/30/2013 How unit-based teams are changing the way Kaiser Permanente does business. From the 2012 LMP Performance Report. [ STORY ]

Hawaii: Team Engagement Delivers Performance

04/30/2013 This Hawaii Labor and Delivery team achieved Level 5 status through it's success with quick huddles and constant communication. From the 2012 LMP Performance Report [ STORY ]