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Creating a Team Culture to Achieve Results

07/03/2013 Listen to a recording of the June 24, 2013, virtual UBT fair on how to create a team culture to achieve results. [ STORY ]

Food for Change, Food for Thought

05/05/2013 The second day of the 2013 Union Delegates Conference features keynote speakers Bryant Terry, food activist, chef and author, and economist James Galbraith on the "end of normal." [ STORY ]

'The Past Powers Tomorrow'

05/04/2013 The first day of the 2013 Union Delegates Conference featured three union and management leaders as well as rank-and-file union members weaving their family history in with that of Kaiser Permanente. [ STORY ]

Letter From Leaders: Let's Talk

04/30/2013 In this Letter From Leaders from the 2012 LMP Performance Report, top LMP leaders John August, Dennis Dabney and Jim Pruitt discuss how high performing unit-based teams are impacting Kaiser Permanente's quality and service. [ STORY ]

The $100 Million Savings Plan

04/30/2013 This introduction to the 2012 LMP Performance Report describes how unit-based teams are making Kaiser Permanente more affordable. [ STORY ]

Unit-Based Teams Change the Game

04/30/2013 How unit-based teams are changing the way Kaiser Permanente does business. From the 2012 LMP Performance Report. [ STORY ]

Hawaii: Team Engagement Delivers Performance

04/30/2013 This Hawaii Labor and Delivery team achieved Level 5 status through it's success with quick huddles and constant communication. From the 2012 LMP Performance Report [ STORY ]

Mid-Altantic States: Solving the Data Puzzle

04/30/2013 How the Adult Medicine team at Capitol Hill Medical Center in the Mid-Atlantic States region manages change and maintains high performance. From the 2012 LMP Performance Report [ STORY ]

Northern California: Huddles Knit Team Together

04/30/2013 How this Northern California pediatrics team at San Jose Medical Center became high-performing. From the 2012 LMP Performance Report [ STORY ]

Northwest: Overcoming Obstacles to Communication

04/30/2013 How strong communication skills can help a dispersed team succeed. From the 2012 LMP Performance Report. [ STORY ]