January 28, 2015

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Teams Collaborate to Ease Growing Workload

08/21/2014 With membership at an all-time high and new CDC guidelines leading to more screenings, two lab teams had to find a way to meet the increased demand. [ STORY ]

Value Added: Touching Potential Members

07/11/2014 An LMP program has found a way to share with potential members how our engaged workforce improves the service and care they receive. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Joint Campaign Makes New Members Feel Welcome

07/11/2014 A joint effort in the Mid-Atlantic States region has helped successfully onboard thousands of new KP members. [ STORY ]

Growing Stronger Together

07/11/2014 Kaiser Permanente's Labor Management Partnership is unique not only as a model of workplace engagement but also as a strategy for market outreach and growth. Find out how it works in this cover story from the Summer 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Q&A: Dave Regan on Why Growth Is a Union Issue

07/11/2014 Dave Regan, president of the SEIU-UHW, a union of more than 150,000 health care workers in California, discusses the National Agreement's unique call for the unions and Kaiser Permanente to work together for mutual growth. [ STORY ]

Connecting With the Kids

07/11/2014 By attending community-based events, OPEIU Local 29 members are helping low-income families get Kaiser Permanente coverage for their children--and creating lasting goodwill. [ STORY ]

From the Desk of Henrietta: Ambassadors at Large

07/11/2014 Henrietta, Hank's resident columnists, explains both the selfish and not-so-selfish reasons for being an ambassador for KP, at work and away from work. From the Summer 2014 issue. [ STORY ]

Improving Service Wins Over New Members

06/03/2014 Three Salem, Oregon, medical offices are on a mission to improve service--and patient satisfaction scores are up. Not surprisingly, Salem leads the Northwest region in new member growth. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Educating Employees About Health Care Reform

11/19/2013 Managers in Northern California have helped their teams learn more about the Affordable Care Act--and in the process have learned to be better managers and teachers. [ STORY ]

Answering the Phones? You've Got Power

08/05/2013 Across the organization, member services and membership administration teams are crucial to KP's success in the marketplace. From the Summer 2013 Hank. [ STORY ]