August 21, 2014

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Value Added: Touching Potential Members

07/11/2014 An LMP program has found a way to share with potential members how our engaged workforce improves the service and care they receive. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Joint Campaign Makes New Members Feel Welcome

07/11/2014 A joint effort in the Mid-Atlantic States region has helped successfully onboard thousands of new KP members. [ STORY ]

Growing Stronger Together

07/11/2014 Kaiser Permanente's Labor Management Partnership is unique not only as a model of workplace engagement but also as a strategy for market outreach and growth. Find out how it works in this cover story from the Summer 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Q&A: Dave Regan on Why Growth Is a Union Issue

07/11/2014 Dave Regan, president of the SEIU-UHW, a union of more than 150,000 health care workers in California, discusses the National Agreement's unique call for the unions and Kaiser Permanente to work together for mutual growth. [ STORY ]

Connecting With the Kids

07/11/2014 By attending community-based events, OPEIU Local 29 members are helping low-income families get Kaiser Permanente coverage for their children--and creating lasting goodwill. [ STORY ]

From the Desk of Henrietta: Ambassadors at Large

07/11/2014 Henrietta, Hank's resident columnists, explains both the selfish and not-so-selfish reasons for being an ambassador for KP, at work and away from work. From the Summer 2014 issue. [ STORY ]

Improving Service Wins Over New Members

06/03/2014 Three Salem, Oregon, medical offices are on a mission to improve service--and patient satisfaction scores are up. Not surprisingly, Salem leads the Northwest region in new member growth. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Educating Employees About Health Care Reform

11/19/2013 Managers in Northern California have helped their teams learn more about the Affordable Care Act--and in the process have learned to be better managers and teachers. [ STORY ]

Answering the Phones? You've Got Power

08/05/2013 Across the organization, member services and membership administration teams are crucial to KP's success in the marketplace. From the Summer 2013 Hank. [ STORY ]

Working Better Together

04/30/2013 This article from the 2012 LMP Performance Report provides updates on the work being done in partnership to grow membership, plus highlights of the year from Attendance, Healthy Workforce, Workforce Planning and Development, and Workplace Safety. [ STORY ]