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Around the Regions (Spring 2014)

04/02/2014 A quick tour of what's going on around the regions. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Team Roots Out Workplace Injury Mystery

11/05/2013 When workplace injuries started cropping up among the technologists in Redwood City's radiology department, the team did some detective work to find out why. Learn how the team determined what was causing the injuries and how they fixed it. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Timeouts Take Team From Injury Prone to Injury Free

07/22/2013 Management support and collaborating with other departments helps Antioch Imaging Services team create safer working conditions for its X-ray techs and improve the department-wide culture. [ STORY ]

Getting Personal About Workplace Safety

06/17/2013 Riverside Executive Director Vita Willett takes safety personally. She talks about how engaged leadership by managers, physicians and frontline union leaders gets results on workplace safety. [ STORY ]

Materials Management UBT Goes Injury Free for More Than Two Years

05/14/2013 Sacramento Materials Management has not had an injury since October 2010, which team members attribute to stretching and talking about safety during their daily huddles. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Working Better Together

04/30/2013 This article from the 2012 LMP Performance Report provides updates on the work being done in partnership to grow membership, plus highlights of the year from Attendance, Healthy Workforce, Workforce Planning and Development, and Workplace Safety. [ STORY ]

Making Health Care Safe

04/11/2013 A report by the Lucian Leape Institute finds a lack of psychological safety and respect at the workplace is one factor making health care a dangerous profession. [ STORY ]

Keeping the Workplace Injury Free, One Touch at a Time

03/27/2013 The Fremont Supply Chain department has been injury free for nearly two years thanks, in large part to partnership-fueled safety improvements. [ STORY ]

Drive Out Fear, Drive Up Safety

01/30/2013 Advice by a workplace safety expert on how to build a culture of safety. [ STORY ]

Stairway to Safety

09/25/2012 A seven-step stairway to safety illustrates how to create a culture of safety at medical centers. [ STORY ]