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The Value of a Healthy, Happy Workforce

04/30/2015 Finding ways to help Kaiser Permanente employees enjoy long, healthy, productive lives is the mission of the Total Health and Workplace Safety subgroup at national bargaining. [ STORY ]

Kaiser and Coalition Unions Reach Agreement on Ebola

01/28/2015 Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions reached a formal agreement in December that ensures the safety and compensation of KP employees involved in caring for patients with the Ebola virus. [ STORY ]

Frontline Employees Get Intensive Ebola Preparation

11/10/2014 Hundreds of frontline health care workers get detailed training and education about how to deal with patients who might have Ebola. [ STORY ]

Making the Point About Needle Safety

10/17/2014 Injuries from needle sticks fell dramatically after a group of nurses ensured their peers had the right supplies and peer training. Now there's a nurse voice on the committee that buys needles for KP. [ STORY ]

Safety on a Silver Platter

08/19/2014 Task standardization and a crystal-clear message from top leadership is reducing injuries at one Southern California medical center. [ STORY ]

Talking About Safety Reduces Injuries

06/17/2014 Wheatridge Medical Office makes awareness about workplace safety a priority and reduces injuries on the job. [ STORY ]

Northwest Team Spreads Success, Boosts Safety

05/19/2014 A unified approach to workplace safety, and a competitive challenge, pays off in the Northwest. [ STORY ]

Creating an Injury-Free Workplace

04/29/2014 An EVS manager recognized for his workplace safety results talks about keys to building a culture of safety. [ STORY ]

Around the Regions (Spring 2014)

04/02/2014 A quick tour of what's going on around the regions. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Team Roots Out Workplace Injury Mystery

11/05/2013 When workplace injuries started cropping up among the technologists in Redwood City's radiology department, the team did some detective work to find out why. Learn how the team determined what was causing the injuries and how they fixed it. [ SNAPSHOT ]