May 30, 2015

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Intensive Care Unit Zaps the VAP, and More

05/01/2015 Woodland Hills ICU relies on communication, collaboration and reliable systems to get rid of two common infections and sustain the results for four years. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Spreading a Safety Success

04/20/2015 Listen to how unit-based teams in Georgia are saving lives and winning awards by using best practices pioneered in Southern California to ensure that patients with abnormal test results get the care they need. [ STORY ]

Continuum of Care Gives Breastfeeding a Boost

11/17/2014 Partnership between facilities helps ensure moms get consistent support in breastfeeding their newborns. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Seamless Teamwork Gives Central Valley Babies a Healthy Start

11/17/2014 The work of the Health Education UBT at the Manteca Medical Center helps improve the breastfeeding rates for Northern California's Central Valley service area. [ STORY ]

Curiosity Leads to Better Service

10/03/2014 Adopting a best practice from another team, the Infusion Center in the Northwest improves care delivery for its patients. From the Fall 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Reducing Health Disparities With Outreach

05/06/2014 An internal medicine UBT at the Los Angeles Medical Center had great success inviting African-American patients to a special hypertension clinic and made progress toward its goal of closing the gap between African-American patients with their hypertension under control and those of other races. [ STORY ]

Reaching Out to Reduce High Blood Pressure

05/06/2014 An internal medicine UBT hosts a special monthly clinic for African-American patients with high blood pressure. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Around the Regions (Spring 2014)

04/02/2014 A quick tour of what's going on around the regions. From the Spring 2014 Hank. [ STORY ]

Taking the Lead on Early Detection

02/25/2014 A Radiation Oncology UBT harnesses the power of the Proactive Office Encounter to ensure its patients get needed screenings. [ SNAPSHOT ]

UBT Bridges the Divide Between Department Members

03/06/2013 Food and Nutrition UBT in San Jose overcomes a natural division between two work groups to improve morale and performance. [ STORY ]