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Walking With Every Patient Prevents Falls

07/31/2015 Nurses at Moanalua Medical Center in Hawaii cut the number of falls in half when after adopting the No One Walks Alone protocol. [ STORY ]

Virtual UBT Fair: Spreading a Safety Success

04/20/2015 Listen to members of unit-based teams in Georgia describe at a virtual UBT fair how they are saving lives and winning awards by, using a successful practice borrowed from Southern California, ensuring that patients with abnormal test results get the care they need. [ STORY ]

Raising a Flag for Patient Safety

03/03/2015 The Georgia region is borrowing effective practices from Southern California, winning awards--and saving lives. [ STORY ]

Creating Patient Safety by Making Sure It’s Safe to Speak Up

03/03/2015 Is it safe to speak up about errors and mistakes at Kaiser Permanente? The answer is mixed, according to the 2014 People Pulse results. [ STORY ]

No One Walks Alone: How San Diego Prevents Patient Falls

11/19/2013 By viewing every patient--not just some--as fall risks, this telemetry UBT successfully piloted a falls-reduction initiative that has drastically decreased falls hospital-wide. [ STORY ]

Timeouts Take Team From Injury Prone to Injury Free

07/22/2013 Management support and collaborating with other departments helps Antioch Imaging Services team create safer working conditions for its X-ray techs and improve the department-wide culture. [ STORY ]

Mail-Order Refill Champions Keep KP Pharmacies on Top

02/19/2013 The 24-hour pharmacy UBT at Panorama City champions mail-order refills, which helps keep KP affordable and enhances clinical quality. [ STORY ]

Getting to Zero Pressure Ulcers

02/19/2013 To prevent Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers, San Jose's Respiratory Care team adds accountability to mix and comes up with one reportable pressure ulcer for the last six months of 2012. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Preventing Pressure Ulcers Is a Team Effort

02/19/2013 Members of the Respiratory Care UBT at the San Jose Medical Center have been able to reduce pressure ulcers from five in the first half of 2012 to one in the last half of the year--and counting. [ STORY ]

Medication Reconciliation Keeps Patients Safe

11/21/2012 A Georgia oncology team steps up its efforts at medication reconciliation to prevent errors and costly, preventable hospitalizations. This ambitious improvement project catapulted the team up two levels on the Path to Performance. [ SNAPSHOT ]