October 6, 2015

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Walk Against Waste: A How-To

07/07/2014 Waste walks are a good way to find ways to reduce costs while maintaining high quality. Follow along as this slideshow guides you through a waste walk that took place at San Jose Medical Center’s Molecular Genetics Lab in Northern California. [ SLIDESHOW ]

Connecting the Dots With Popular Education

08/29/2012 The LMP is using popular education strategies to improve business and economic literacy on the front line. Staff at the Woodland Hills Medical Center describe how the training brings potentially dry subjects to life. [ STORY ]

Guide to the Modules

06/28/2011 Northern California’s business literacy program begins with three modules—KP Entities, Revenue and Expenses—and then teams move onto the final two modules—Non-Payroll and Payroll. [ STORY ]

Helping UBTs Become Business Literate

06/28/2011 Northern California is providing a business literacy training program that aims to improve worker confidence and trust around budget discussions and to inspire new ideas for saving money and improving services [ STORY ]

Labor Sponsorship 2.0

05/19/2011 Labor sponsorship of teams poses some unique challenges, but facilities, sponsors and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions are coming up with solutions that all of KP can learn from. [ STORY ]

Training and High Performance

03/16/2011 Saturday training allows one medical center in Southern California get union members get the tools they need to make the Labor Management Partnership a reality and move up the Path to Performance. [ STORY ]

Why Systems and Safety Go Hand in Hand

02/16/2011 Sterile processing team at Hayward Medical Center improves processes and procedures so problems don't arise. [ STORY ]

Molecular Genetics Team Builds Performance Through Consensus

11/09/2010 Regional genetics lab in San Jose uses Interest Based Problem Solving Tool to build consensus and reach high performance. [ STORY ]

No longer an island: Hawaii UBTs get a start in regional rollout and training

09/08/2009 Kaiser Permanente and Union Coalition leaders welcome new Hawaii region unit-based teams and offer training on the plan, do, study, act steps of the Rapid Improvement Model. [ STORY ]

Feeling the need for speed

09/03/2009 Physicians in Northern California's East Bay medical facilities wanted to jump start performance improvement in partnership so they brought the training to them, instead of waiting for it to reach them. [ STORY ]