August 20, 2014

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Stories and Videos - Union Members

Peer Advice: One Lesson at a Time

04/02/2014: Marcella Austin,an employee at the Ontario Medical Center, works her way up from medical assistant to LVN with a little help from her employer, her college and her community. From the Spring 2014 Hank.

How to Sustain Change: Advice From an Innovation Expert

01/22/2014: Unit-based teams are getting measurable results for KP members and patients. But to have real impact, teams need to sustain success. Here's how.

Coalition Announces New Executive Director

11/05/2013: The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions announces that Hal Ruddick, the director of SEIU UHW's hospital division, will be the coalition's new executive director.

Maureen "Moe" Fox: Root for Yourself!

10/29/2013: Despite teaching Jazzercise twice a week, Maureen Fox, a nurse and improvement advisor in the Northwest, realized several years ago she needed to do more to be healthy. Let her tips in this Q&A encourage you. From the Fall 2013 Hank.

Cashing In on Service

08/20/2013: A new procedure for accepting inpatient co-payments nets this Northern California business office more revenue than expected. Its patients appreciate the service, too.

Learning to Lead: Overcoming Injustice

08/20/2013: Eula Maddox’s early experiences with injustice in the deep South have helped her become the frontline leader that she is today. Watch her story to find out how she found her voice and helps others find theirs.

Learning to Lead: A Grandmother's Example

07/22/2013: Jaki Bradley, a nurse practitioner in the Mid-Atlantic States region, spoke at the 2013 Union Delegates Conference about the inspiration her grandmother provided that shaped her as a leader. Watch this short video that captures the highlights of her comments.

Bryant Terry: Cooking for Social Justice

07/09/2013: Bryant Terry, a keynote speaker at the 2013 Union Delegates Conference keynote speakers, talks about the role health care workers can play in improving not just personal health but community and social health.

James K. Galbraith: Fixing the 'Anything Goes' Economy

05/28/2013: Economist James K. Galbraith addressed the 2013 Union Delegates Conference on an important subject: economic inequality and what it means to the future of the country.

I’ve Got Your Back

05/14/2013: UFCW Local 1996 Business Agent Louise Dempsey discusses what it's like to be a union activist in the South at Kaiser Permanente.