February 12, 2016

Intro to Rapid Improvement Model (RIM) Online
Course title

Introduction to Rapid Improvement Model (RIM) Online  

Course duration

Thirty minutes

Path to Performance

Levels 1, 2

Course description

The Rapid Improvement Model is a way for your team to quickly identify, test and implement performance improvement ideas of the unit-based team.

Who should attend

Job categories who should take this class are labor and management members of a unit-based team. 

Course requirements
  • Labor Management Partnership Orientation (LMPO)
  • This should not be your only exposure to learning Rapid Improvement Model

Course outline and objectives

Three questions
  • Learn the three questions a team needs to be able to answer to begin rapid improvement
Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle
  • How to stay on track when testing new ideas and get the most out of a small test of change
Practice scenario
  • Help a team work through the three questions to begin rapid improvement and its first test of change
Learning outcomes

(knowledge, skills, attitudes)

  • Know the important terms of rapid improvement

Enrollment information

This course is available to all Kaiser Permanente employees; you must be connected to KP intranet and have an NUID to access this training. Use the link below or visit KP Learn and search on the course ID.

Access the course directly through KP Learn. 

Course ID in KP Learn



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