December 18, 2014

Introduction to RIM Web-Based Training
Course Title

Introduction to Rapid Improvement Model Web-Based Training  

Course Duration

30 Minutes

Path to Performance

Levels 1, 2

Course Description

The Rapid Improvement Model is a way for your team to quickly identify, test and implement performance improvement ideas of the unit-based team.

Who Should Attend

Job categories who should take this class are labor and management members of a unit-based team.

Course Requirements
  • Labor Management Partnership Orientation (LMPO)
  • This should not be your only exposure to learning Rapid Improvement Model

Course Outline and Objectives

Three Questions
  • Learn the three questions a team needs to be able to answer to begin rapid improvement
Plan, Do, Study, Act Cycle
  • How to stay on track when testing new ideas and get the most out of a small test of change
Practice Scenario
  • Help a team work through the three questions to begin rapid improvement and their first test of change
Learning Outcomes

(knowledge, skills, attitudes)

  • Know the important terms of rapid improvement