November 23, 2014

Facilitative Leadership
Course Title

Facilitative Leadership

Course Duration

Four 4-hour modules (16 hours total)

Path to Performance

Levels 3, 4, 5

Course Description

This course is designed to enhance your effectiveness as a leader by creating a learning situation where you discover a broader awareness of yourself as a leader and what behaviors will help you be successful. You will discover a vision of the impact you would like to have as a leader and create an action plan for how you intend to achieve that impact.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for participants who are co-leads of unit-based teams. Job categories who should attend labor, management, physician, unit-based team consultants and union partnership representatives.

Course Requirements


Course Outline and Objectives

Module 1—Foundations of a Facilitative Leader
  • Discover the foundations and behaviors of a facilitative leader
  • Dimensions of success
  • Gain an understanding for the dimensions of success as a facilitative leader
  • Learn the skills of coaching for performance
Module 2—Creating a Motivating Environment
  • Learn strategies for creating a motivating environment in your UBT
  • Learn how to share an inspiring vision to motivate your UBT
  • Learn the art of achieving maximum appropriate involvement in decision making in the UBT
  • Learn the art of celebrating accomplishments
  • Experience leadership tools for reaching agreement in your UBT
  • Discover key components of successful meetings
  • Learn how to create desired outcomes for your UBT
Module 3—Planning Successful Meetings
  • Identify your key stakeholders
  • Practice decision making
  • Practice planning the agenda for an effective meeting
  • Learn how to create an action plan
Module 4—Facilitating Successful Meetings
  • Learn what effective meeting facilitation is
  • Learn to distinguish content from process
  • Experience tools for building agreement
  • Practice facilitative behaviors: preventions and interventions
Learning Outcomes

(knowledge, skills, attitudes)

  • Be able to demonstrate the attributes and characteristics of a facilitative leader when returning to lead the UBT
  • Be able to use foundational communication skills to help your team members succeed
  • Develop and communicate your vision in a way that enrolls and inspires
  • Involve others in your UBT appropriately in decision making
  • Evaluate your celebration practices to ensure they are effective and authentic
  • Use flexible and effective methods to facilitate the meeting process